Arlington Bass Club tourney info and rules

  • Tournaments are one day events on the second Saturday of the month. A second tourney may be held the next day if participation is there.
  • Entry will be $50 team 80% payout, 20% goes to Championship .
  • Must fish 5 tournaments to qualify for Championship .
  • $10 big bass side pot pay out 100%
  • 5 fish stringer per team.
  • No more than two teams per boat.
  • Must pay before fishing.
  • Payout will be at the ramp.
  • Tournament hours are 6am-3pm, must check in with Tournament Director before 3pm.

Arlington Bass Club 2019 Tournament Rules

I. Team Definitions

A. A team shall consist of no more than two (2) members fishing from the same boat. No more than 2 teams per boat.

B. Anyone wading, bank fishing, tube fishing, fishing from a one-man boat, dock, or pier is considered a one-man team

II. Schedule and Fishing Hours::

A. 6 am - 3 pm

B. Just check in with the tournament director before 3pm.

C. All tournaments will be on the second weekend of the month unless that weekend conflicts with a holiday. The Executive Committee will then agree on the scheduled date.

D. Take off will be at 6am.

E. Entry must be paid in cash by 5:45am. Will try to take entries from 5:30 am but must be done by 5:45 am.

III. Methods of Fishing

A. Fishing with live bait is prohibited. Only artificial lures will be used while fishing.

B. Only fish with one rod in the water at a time.

C. No trolling with big motor.

IV. Payout

A. Will be 80%
One place every five entries.

V. Rules

Tournament Director decisions are final. A protest for rule violations must be made to the Tournament Director prior to money being awarded to the winning team. If it is a problem regarding the weight of a fish or bag of fish, the protest must be made prior to the fish in question being returned to the lake.

1. All Federal, State, and Local laws apply including length limits for all species of bass. Species will be determined by Tournament Director.

2. The limit will be five bass per team. Any contestant who possesses more than the tournament limit, unless actively culling, will have their catch for that day disqualified. Culling must be done immediately.

3. There will be .5 lb penalty for dead fish.

4. Any short fish brought to the scales to be weighed will be penalized .5 lbs and fish will not be counted toward total weight. You may check your close fish on the official bump board before turning the bag over to the tournament director for weighing.

5. Respect must be given to the other anglers regarding their fishing areas.