Arlington Bass CLub Bylaws

 Arlington Bass Club 2018 Tournament Rules

I. Team Definitions
A. Division I
1. A team shall consist of no more than two (2) regular members fishing from the same boat. No more than 2 teams per boat.

2. Team members must fish together on at least one of the two days to be considered a team. Individuals fishing alone on opposite days are one-person teams and cannot combine their weight.

3. Anyone wading, bank fishing, tube fishing or fishing from a one-man boat, dock, or pier is considered a one-man team and must fish in Division I.

B. Division II

1. A regular member team shall consist of one (1) female and one (1) male fishing from the same boat or at least (1) regular member under the age of 18 fishing with another regular member or guest.

2. An associate member team shall consist of one (1) Regular member and one (1) or two (2) Associate members. No more than three (3) to a boat.

3. When fishing with two (2) Associate members there will only be one (1) award given per boat.

4. When fishing as an Associate team, fish and weight must be kept separate.

5. A regular member must fish with your spouse, significant other, or an Associate member to be eligible for Division II.

II Schedule and Fishing Hours
A. For regular (optional day) tournaments, night tournaments, and two day tournaments there will be an optional pot. The pot is $40.00 per team for Division I. Teams must pay $30.00 before weigh in. Division II optional pot is $10.00 per team. Division II teams must pay $20.00 at weigh in.

B. A team may fish one or both days of an optional day tournament. Each team member may choose their individual weight from either day to count toward the team total and annual standings.

C. Starting and weigh-in times will be as stated on the tournament schedule.

D. On tournament Saturday and tournament Sunday, there will be ABSOLUTELY NO FISHING from 12:01 a.m. till start time. Penalty for doing so will be elimination from the entire tournament weekend, with NO REFUND of pot money. Team fees will still be due if signed up for the tournament. Fishing is permitted until Midnight on Friday. (Night tournaments are the exceptions to the rule.)

E. All tournaments will be on the second weekend of the month unless that weekend conflicts with a holiday. The Executive Committee will then agree on the scheduled date.
III Methods of Fishing
A. Fishing with live bait is prohibited. Only artificial lures will be used while fishing.

B. Fishing with more that one rod at a time is permitted.

C. Wade fishing, bank fishing, tube fishing or fishing from a one-man boat, dock, or pier is allowed by a one-man team.

D. All contestants must adhere to all state, Federal, Fish & Game, and Coast Guard regulations and Laws.

E. A courtesy distance of 50 feet shall be kept from another team’s boat to prevent interference.

F. All water you launch from and fish in must be accessible by boat from the Dam (main Lake)

IV Sign-In
A. Sign-In sheets will be at the club meetings and near the assigned weigh-in area.

A.B. Prior sign-in is required before fishing any tournament. Anyone signed in is responsible for team fee and optional pot money.

B.C. Boating to the sign in area for the purpose of signing in is allowed.
V Weigh-In
A team member must check in with the Tournament Directors and get in line by the designated time or be disqualified for the day, unless prior arrangements are made.

B. State legal limits will apply on lakes for largemouth, smallmouth, and Kentucky bass.

C. There will be a ½ pound each penalty for weighing in a dead fish (at the discretion of the Tournament Directors.) There will be a ONE POUND penalty for any illegal length fish brought to weigh in and the fish will NOT be weighed and included in weight.

D. There will be a limit of 5 fish per person with 5 fish counting towards annual weight, unless lake has a lower limit.

E. Culling fish to your partner or pooling fish for team weight is not allowed.

F. When separate weight is desired it must be noted on the sign-in sheet.

G. The Tournament Directors will keep official time

H. We would like to encourage everyone to practice catch and release for the future of our sport. Please do everything possible to ensure fish survival so they may be returned to the lake alive and well.

I. Trailering is allowed to weigh-in
VII Year-End Awards
A. Division I: Big Bass of the year and one to each of the Top Six fisherman, based on the annual weight.

B. Division II: One for every three teams fishing in Division II not to exceed the top three teams, based on annual weight.

C. Associate Anglers of the Year to the adult Associate member and youth Associate member with the most weight for the year.

D. Big Bass of the Year caught by an Associate member.

E. Ladies Big Bass of the Year caught by a Regular or Associate member provided at least three ladies competed during the year. This award will not be given to a lady who would otherwise qualify if she wins the Regular or Associate Big Bass of the Year Award.

VIII Optional Pot and Payout
A. Division I pot will be divided among the 3 heaviest stringers: 40%, 30%, and 20%. Big bass for the tournament will be awarded 10%. A team may win both heavy stringer and big bass.

B. Two-day and night tournament pot money will be divided the same as optional day pot.

C. Division II will have a separate optional pot. It will be on the tournament day and will be divided the same as Division I pot.

IX Ties
A. All ties in big bass weights will be decided by the heaviest stringer weights.

B. All ties for the heavy stringer will be decided by heaviest average weight per fish in the stringer.

C. All unresolved ties will be decided by a coin flip.

D. A separate rule covers the Calcutta pot. Ties for the Calcutta are split.
X Tournament Entry Fee
A. Members must pay team fee before they will be eligible to receive any pot money or tournament awards won in a tournament. The entry fee is $10.00 per team. Exception is made for any Associate entry. They are exempt if they fish with a Regular team.

B. Non-payment of team fee will result in forfeiture of weight for that tournament and disqualification from future tournaments until the fee is paid.

XI Special Tournaments (Couples, Guests, and Children)

A. Weights from the Couples and Children’s Tournaments will not count towards yearly totals.

B. Couples Tournament awards may consist of one plate to a Regular member or different smaller engraved plaque for the couple.

C. Sign-in will be required at the Couples tournaments to be eligible for the pot money.

XII Guests

A. A member may fish with up to 3 different guests per year in any regular tournament, this includes the November prize tournament or the draw tournament. Guests who are under 18 years of age will not count toward the three-guest total. Any guest fishing the November tournament will not be qualified to earn a prize.

B. A guest stringer must be kept separate and cannot go toward a member’s annual weight.

C. If the guest joins the Arlington Bass Club, the member’s guest total is reduced by one.

D. A guest may only fish 1 tournament per year as a guest. Thereafter, he/she must join the Arlington Bass Club to fish any more tournaments. When the guest joins the club he/she will get credit and weight for the tournament fished as a guest.

E. Guest must fish Division I.

Optional Big Bass Calcutta Pot
F. Regular and Associate members may enter the Big Bass Calcutta for $1 per month ($11 per year) paid before tournament day begins. All members entering or re-entering the Calcutta pot must pay from the date the Calcutta was last won.

G. The Calcutta Pot, accumulated to date, will be awarded to the Calcutta entrant who catches the largest bass while participating in a regular club tournament, providing it weighs 7 pounds or more.

H. In case of a tie, the Calcutta will be split.

XIII Tournament Rules Violations
A. Tournament rules violations will be submitted in writing and signed to an Executive Committee Member within 72 hours after said violation.
B. The Executive Committee Member will notify the President who will call a special meeting of the Executive Committee to discuss the merit of the allegations and action (s) to be taken.

C. The Board may take the following action (s) necessary to resolve the issue:

1. Request the accused member to meet with the Board to discuss the allegations and present their side.

2. Request the member to submit to a polygraph test. Failure to clear or agree to be tested by polygraph may result in disqualification and/or dropped from the membership roll of the Arlington Bass Club.

3. All matters discussed at the special Board meeting will remain confidential and will not be discussed outside the meeting.

XIV Prize Tournament Eligibility And Awards

D.A. A member must enter at least 4 prior regular tournaments per year to be qualified for a prize in the November Prize Tournament.

E.B. If there are more prizes than the number of qualified members who fish the tournament, the prizes will be offered in combinations to equal the number of qualified members participating in the prize tournament.

F.C. In the event there are more prizes than qualified members who catch a fish, the remaining prizes will be distributed by random drawing of those qualified members participating in the tournament that did not weigh in a fish.

G.D. A member who has participated in the tournament, but is not present during the selection process, may designate someone to select his or her prize. If a designee is not present, the President shall select the prize for the member. In the absence of the President, any tournament director will fulfill this obligation.

Every Arlington Bass Club member and/or guest is responsible for his or her actions on and off the water. The Arlington Bass Club is not responsible for any Arlington Bass Club member and/or guest.

 Revised April 6, 2017

The Arlington Bass Club Constitution and by-laws
The purpose of this club is to promote bass fishing within its membership and to inform members of the habits and characteristics of game fish.
Article I The fishing club is a non-profit organization and its name shall be: Arlington Bass Club
Article II
Objectives A. To maintain a high standard of true sportsmanship, promote water safety, ecology, and social relationship.
B. To promote more successful fishing by providing information through an exchange of ideas and methods.
C. To promote fellowship among its members.
D. From time to time to sponsor fishing tournaments for the purpose of stimulating interest and to promote healthy competition between club members and between this club and other clubs of a like nature.
Article III
Section 1: Type of members
A. Only honest, active, dedicated, and congenial bass fisherman will be accepted by this club.
B. Associate members will be spouses of dues paying members, their related children under 18 or any unrelated child under 18 fishing with a regular member who has paid the annual associate fee.  Associate members cannot hold office or vote.
Section 2: Approval of membership applications
A. The Executive Committee shall approve all membership applications. All new members must then be approved by a majority vote of the members of the club.
Article IV
Dues and Fees
A. Annual dues must be paid before you are eligible to participate in any Club tournament. The Executive Committee must approve any exception. New member status is a person that has not been a member of the Arlington Bass Club within the past two years.
Article V
Officers and Directors
Section 1: Title-how many?
The officers and Directors of this club shall consist of:  1. President  2. Vice-President  3. Secretary/Treasurer  4. Tournament Directors-2  5. Webmaster  6. Past-President (Director)
A. The immediate Past-President of this club shall serve on the Executive Committee as a director for the year following his term as President.
B. All Officers and Directors will constitute the Executive Committee.
Section 2: Election of Officers and Directors
The election of Officers and Directors shall be held annually, at a general meeting, during the month of November. Election shall be a majority vote of the members present. Election of each officer shall be held separately in order listed in Article V, section 1.
Section 3: Terms of officers
The term of office is for one (1) year, which shall begin on January 1 and end on January 1 of the following year. New officers shall begin learning their job in November or that year.
Section 4: Duties of Officers
A. President:  The duties of the President shall be to preside at all the meetings of the organization; to appoint committees; to generally supervise and coordinate all members in the operation of the club and to be the official representative of the club. The president shall provide all members with a monthly newsletter. Sent schedule for non-tournament Director Submissions. Set schedule for Board Members month for Guest Speaker.
B. Vice-President: The Vice-President shall assist the President with all the duties he may assign and otherwise act in his absence. The Vice-President shall follow up interview all new members and shall be responsible for seeking out prize tournament sponsors.  Keep a permanent record of the minutes of all meetings and business transactions of the club.  Keep record of winners and prizes at each meeting.
C. Secretary/Treasurer: The Treasurer’s duties will be the primary care and custody of all monies. The Treasurer shall keep an accurate and permanent account of all receipts and disbursements and submit financial reports.  Collect all money at Tournaments, Cookouts and Monthly Raffles.
D. Tournament Director: The duties of the  2 Tournament Directors Shall be to: (1) set January & February Tournaments (2) Submit two lake choices for club voting two months in advance of tournament (3) prescribe the rules for all tournaments  (4) buy prizes for Prize Tournament  and tournament raffle to coincide with cookouts (5) carry through with all duties required to put on a successful tournament (6) to keep records of weight of bass caught and furnish members periodically with copies of the year’s standings. *Tournament weekends and rules shall be approved by the Executive Committee.
G.. Webmaster: The Webmaster will maintain and update the club’s website with current news, tournament results, rules, activities schedules, and other information as may be directed.
F. Immediate Past-President: It shall be the duty of the Past-President to help and advise the present Executive Committee to his or her utmost ability. Shall buy the door prizes and handle drawings for same at all meetings. He shall conduct monthly door prizes and cookouts, and get booths for Club and Trade Shows and Boat Shows, etc.
Section 5: Candidates for Officers and Directors
The Executive Committee shall, at their meeting in the month of August, pick 5 members to pose as a Nomination Committee, none of who shall be a member of the Executive Committee. It shall then be the duty of such Nominating Committee at the meeting in September to make public selection of candidates for the 6 elective offices, first having secured the consent of each to serve if elected. At this meeting, any member of the club
may present from the floor a candidate or candidates for any of the 6 elective offices to be voted upon in the regular meeting in October, first having obtained the consent of each of his nominees to serve if elected.
Section 6: Vacancies
In the event an office becomes vacant that office shall become filled for the unexpired term by majority vote of members of the Executive Committee, having first secured consent of nominee to serve if elected.
Section 7: removal of officers
Any elected officer that is absent from 3 consecutive or a total of 4 club meetings in any one calendar year could be relieved of his duties.
Article VI
Amending the Constitution
Section 1: Method
The constitution may be amended at any regular meeting by a 2/3 vote of the members present, provided written notice of the proposed amendment has been presented to the membership at least one regular meeting prior to the vote.
Section 2: The Vote
The voting shall be by a show of hands unless one or more members request secret ballot. Voting shall be by secret ballot if request before voting takes place.
Article VII
Removal of Membership
Section 1: Reason for Removal of Membership
A. Member shall be dropped from the membership roll for any action, which would reflect dishonor and disgrace to the club.
B.  A member may be dropped form the membership roll for failure to participate in at least 3 club tournaments.
Section 2: Method
Should a problem arise involving Section 1 above, a hearing will be granted upon request
of the individual involved and only after unanimous approval of the 7 man Executive Committee, will his membership continue.
Article VIII
Order of Business
So far as they are not inconsistent, Roberts Rules of Order shall be standard of parliamentary practice.
Article IX
A copy of this Constitution and By-Laws shall be delivered to each member of the Arlington Bass Club. A copy of each amendment to the constitution and By-Laws, when adopted, shall be delivered to each member by the secretary.
Article X
Proxies of members shall not be valid for voting in elections nor in the adopting of any resolution or measure.
Article XI
Installation of Officers shall be conducted at the regular January meeting.
Article XII
Each member is charged with the responsibility of conducting himself in such a manner that the reputation, interest, and good standing of the club and its members will remain on the highest plain.
Article XIII
This Constitution and By-Laws adopted on the 4th of January 1997. Revised 11/2006
 Revised April 6, 2017